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Strengthening Local Media

Since 2005, World Education has worked to establish and support community radio in Senegal. With funding from partners such as New Field Foundation, The Embassy of Great Britain, and contributions from individual donors, World Education has established 12 community radio stations, all members of the Network of Community Radios for Peace and Development of the Casamance.

The Network of Community Radios for Peace and Development of the Casamance.
A map showing Guindiku FM (to the east of Dakar) and the 12 community radios that make up the Network of Community Radios for Peace and Development of the Casamance.













World Education has developed expertise in building the capacity of rural communities to establish, manage, and maintain radio stations that produce programs to address local development issues in local languages that are of interest to the populations that they serve. World Education has developed a framework that outlines a basic set of standards required for a well-functioning community radio stations. These standards cover topics such as:

  • Transparency in radio management
  • Radio management committee guidelines
  • Guidelines for radio technical staff
  • Programming guidelines
  • Conflict-sensitive radio programming
  • Radio and development
  • Radio and gender equity
  • Documentation of radio operations
  • Financial and administrative capacities for radio
  • Coverage of thematic areas of interest to local populations (education, health, women’s leadership and gender equity, conflict resolution, refugee concerns, etc.)
  • Radio marketing

Based on criteria established in these areas, World Education has developed a Community Radio Assessment Tool that will be used to evaluate existing community radio and develop action plans to reinforce the capacity of local radio stations and ensure their sustainability.

Working with local experts, World Education has also developed a series of training modules to build the capacity of community radio in areas including:

World Education Senegal women in media photo
Broadcasting live from Kassumay FM in Ziguinchor.
  • Radio techniques
  • Interviewing and reporting skills
  • Interactive radio broadcasts
  • Creating radio magazines
  • Leadership and management
  • Communication and development
  • Gender and radio programming
  • Journalism and management of community radio

Current programs in Senegal that utilize community radio include:

News from the Field

Learn more about World Education's work with community radio in country director Abdou Sarr's book (in French) - Les Radios Communautaires: Outils de promotion pour la paix, la culture, la démocratie et le développement en Afrique.


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