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World Education has worked in close partnership with local organizations in Senegal for more than a decade in peace building, conflict management and mitigation, local media strengthening, women’s leadership, HIV education, and microfinance. This work is currently based in the Casamance, Thiès, and Diorbel regions.

Group of community members in discussion
The listening group of Ngoundiane Dior discusses issues affecting women in their community. These meetings, facilitated by one of a cadre of 60 program-supported women reporters, help develop themes that will be covered by community radio.

World Education builds the capacity of our local partners to support the design, implementation, and evaluation of these initiatives. By anchoring people in local communities at the center of decision-making, World Education Senegal builds the talents, skills, and confidence of citizens to address issues that affect them. Working side-by-side with local partners, World Education takes the time to understand how individuals view their world, how they perceive outside change agents, and how communities can work to create individual and collective well-being.

With support from USAID and New Field Foundation, World Education Senegal promotes a Senegal of peace, prosperity, justice, and equality where all citizens contribute to and share in the nation’s resources.

World Education Senegal is a field office of World Education, Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information about World Education’s programs around the world, please visit www.worlded.org.


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